5 easy steps to make your own balloon powered cars


Fancy hosting a fun little craft project for the kids at your next children’s birthday party? Why not have them spend a fun afternoon building their own balloon powered cars instead? No child ever gets bored of playing with cars and balloons, regardless of whether they are boys or girls so you can be sure that this is be something that will keep them entertained for hours on end! Here are the quick and easy steps on how to get them crafted in no time!

Step 1: Finding the right box as a base

Every balloon powered cars needs a proper base that is both durable and able to withstand small amounts of rough handling for it to be any fun. Here is where empty boxed drinks can come in handy as the cardboard makes for the perfect material and shape to form the base of the balloon powered cars. Before you begin working on it, make sure you empty the contents of the box and rinse it out with water to remove the sugar.

Step 2: Cutting parts of the box

Never ever hand a child a pair of scissors with metal blades where that could easily cut themselves, instead give them child-proof ones to avoid any potential accidents. Take the box and cut off the top part and one of the sides so you have two equal sized parts of the box.

Step 3: Making a hole for the balloon

If it wasn’t already easy enough up to this point to make your own balloon powered cars, this step is ab absolute breeze. Simply turn the box over to the bottom and cut a small opening or hole so that you can fit the balloon inside. Ideally, you are going for an opening that is neither too big or too small for your balloon to fit inside. Obviously having an opening that is too big will allow the balloon to escape out of the box while having it too small will constrict the flow of air out of the balloon which is the most important part of all balloon powered cars.

Step 4: Fitting the balloon and forming the axels

This may be obvious but just to be sure, you should not blow the balloon until you or the child is ready to play with it. Simply leave it deflated when not in use. Once the balloon has been stuffed inside, you must now create two separate openings on the side of the boxes so that the axels can be installed.

Step 5: Create the tires

For this objective, simply use any old thread spools that are no longer in use.