8 tips to save money on email marketing campaign


There are many difficulties that need to be faced with email marketing, since senders tend to fail in adhering to the fundamental guidelines of e-mail marketing, with a focus on recipient. With the following tips, it is possible to identify the consumers and build a strong relationship and also to save money on the email marketing campaigns carried out.

  1. Firstly, it is necessary to make sure that the association guidelines are complied with and the recipients are kept happy and satisfied. The DMA’s commitment towards ‘Consumer Choice Mission’ statement needs the business to notify the consumers of the prospect present for modifying or eliminating all future mail solicitations. Also, the CCC program has been designed for developing consumers’ trust. By complying with the guidelines of DMA, the business is indeed creating trust with its potential customers.


  1. For gaining trust from the recipients, the business is advised to send every email from a specific IP address, which is dedicated towards that purpose. It helps in creating a good reputation with the ISPs and also increases the chances of the email campaigns in reaching the target customer’s inbox.


  1. By providing genuine details of the office, including the contact information, on every email marketing material, it is possible to earn a better reputation for the business. However, some people might prefer to opt for the telephone and by adhering to this, the business is sure to provide genuine customer service.


  1. The recipients are to be provided with alternatives. They are to be asked their preferred mode of receiving communication. Do they prefer receiving in a text, HTML format, or through a link. It is to be understood that different countries practice different preferences. For instance, in the United States, it is a normal practice for sending links for viewing contents, but is rarely carried out in the U.K.


  1. The email campaign’s graphic design is to be considered. Too much images, should be avoided which would risk in getting the material to the “spam filter”. In case, the entire creative is developed of images, then it would often not be displayed in preview box and the message might not be read. Hence, the images should be broken down with texts for evading such issues.


  1. For encouraging consumers in committing to opening the content, the business needs to make sure that the call-to-action and unique selling point is above fold, which means, the recipient does not have to scroll down or click through for viewing it.


  1. Careful consideration is to be given to the subject lines. Things that are related to money, like the word cost, free, cash, reward, $$$, offer, save, cheap, debt, money, save, credit, finance, etc. should be avoided. These are likely to only get the email into the spam folder and not be read.


  1. Lastly, it should be made much easier for the recipients to unsubscribe the emails, in case they are not interested. Therefore, an opt-out button, should be provided at the bottom and at the top of each email that is sent and this should be an easy and quick process.

These are some simple, but effective ways to save good amount of money on email marketing and to achieve sure success, reputation and productivity.