A Glimpse at the Contributions of a Global strategist


Sandy Berger is counted among the top-notch officials of America. He is respected and honored for his notable contributions in dealing with various international issues that America faced. He was given many prestigious potions and opportunities like assisting the Honorable President Clinton. He performed his duties well during his tenure of service to the president.

Apart from the valuable service that he provided to the Present he has been part of various global organizations of America. While he was serving as the U.S National Security Advisor he undertook various measures to combat the global threat of terrorism. He also realized the importance of cementing America’s relation with two powerful economies like that of India and China. Moreover as a strategist Sandy Berger realized the importance of initiating peace operations in Middle East which will help America to polish its image in the international forum.

Notable contributions

He not only served as the National Security Advisor for the President Clinton but he also became part of Clinton-Gore Transition in 1992. When a presidential campaign was undertaken in 1992, he was given the prestigious position of being the Senior Foreign Policy Advisor. As he was sincere during his work tenure he was able to grab many more opportunities and accolades. The reason why he has exceptional genius when it comes to legal hassles relating to trade is because he served an international legal firm for a period of 16 years.

global strategist

As he took active interest in U.S Chamber of Commerce he was ableto employ his global strategic thinking for the best interest of America. He also became part of Aspen strategy group playing a decisive role in policy-making. He also became a very active member of International Crisis Group by becoming a part of Board of Trustees. After joining the Council of Foreign relations his genius as a global diplomat was reflected on the international platform helping him earn accolades for his contributions.

A global strategist

He not only possesses the qualities of being a global strategist but he also has the ability to conduct himself in a prestigious manner in an international setting. When talking about global perspective you need to appoint only crème strategist who can handle business matters from around the globe. His experience is due to his participation in the global boardroom and also because of his networking channels which have helped him emerge as a very enriching global strategist.

His contributions to America’s economy are commendable and highly appreciated till today.  He has the speculating power to understand how various global industries participate in the internal forum. This has helped many commercial partners to take apt strategic decisions on a global platform. Sandy Berger has the experience to understand that both regional as well as local global set-ups taka its own time to unfold.

As he always undertook global polices that tried to keep a balance between constantly changing patterns of technological trends he was able to make successful policies. He is an apt blend of decisive strategist and a smart negotiator making him appropriate for global decision-making.