Discover the Unknown with Scuba Dive


Considered as the world’s largest archipelago, Indonesia has rich amount of flora and fauna grows by its wilderness which tend to make this country to have highest density of biodiversity. Furthermore, with the perfect combination of the territorial waters, various kinds of fish species, and also wide range of coral species, Indonesia tend to be the country which own the best spot for those who want to experience ultimate scuba dive. Known as the excellent diving spot, it is possible to meet any group of sharks, tunas, and even barracudas. Well, do you want to experience swim along with dugongs and whales? It is possible to do it by diving in Indonesia’s waters, and also enjoy the beautiful cinematic view of underwater life during the diving. Therefore, it is also a fine destination to experience reef diving, deep wreck, and for wall dives too, which capable to create different experience compared with another spot, and also in affordable budget as well.

Actually, Indonesia has already concerned more to protect the natural resources proved by the fully supported into the Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI). This plan aimed to maintain the coral preservation, establish the fishery sustainable, and also to establish the food security as well. According to CNN choices, there are several underwater sites in Indonesia you have to visit.

  • Komodo Island

Infamous for its living Komodo dragon, you will recognize that Komodo Island also has fascinating underwater scenery, as well as on its aspect of world-class diving. Once you hit the cold water in Komodo seas, you will hit by the sensation to dive longer, ever since it has dazzling underwater life in harmoniously appearance. In the other hand, this spot also designate as the most diverse dive spot around the world because during the diving, you can meet and greet with dolphins, blue-ringed octopus, and ghost pipefish too.

  • Raja Ampat

Well, no question about it because on the first dive, you will understand why. You know, supported with magnificent underwater life, it creates heavenly beautiful spot you can try to mesmerize your sight. Moreover, due to higher number of fish species, this place crowned with world’s highest marine diversity.

  • Tulamben

Infamous for wreck diving, Tulamben creates more than just an ordinary dive spot, instead it offers a world-class dive too. Located in 30 meters from the outer shoreline of Bali, you can found an old-school shipwreck under the water sunk during the World War II.

  • Bunaken National Marine Park

This is the world scuba dive popularity in Indonesia where there are a lot of foreign scuba divers and local make it as their destinations. At this place, you will meet with fascinating species, such as cuttlefish, frogfish, stargazers, or perhaps the mimic octopus.

Thus, from the infamous resort to unknown scuba dive destination, you will be able to enjoy the paradise on earth during your vacation. There are best spot for diving such as Lembeh Strait, and also Banda Islands. In the end, with the glaring spirit, you will be able to discover more beauty of underwater life in Indonesia.