Do Your R&D Well Before Consuming Smart Drugs


Anyone who is looking to buy smart drugs must first of all consult the physician. There are number of nootropics available in the market with various brand names. It is important to first understand our own body requirement and the area of improvement. Accordingly the physician can prescribe the nootropic name and the necessary dose.

It’s safe and legal tobuy most of these smart drugs over the counter. However, countries like USA, Canada and Russia do have rules over the amount of drugs being bought at a time. Noopept being the most potent nootropic, is recommended to be consumed in very little quantity. Between 10 to 40 mg of noopept is considered to be sufficient and there is no need to stack it with any other drugs. However, people do take combination of two or more drugs to experience brilliant results. One can expect to pay about $40 for a month’s supply.  Some drugs may be available in a pack of 500gms.which costs for around $40 and the ones more powerful are a little costlier, costing around $20 for a pack of just 10g.

Initially, it may not look like a heavy investment for many, but the prolonged use of these smart drugs may eventually start hurting one’s pocket. Regular use of such drugs leads to addiction and it is almost impossible to stop its consumption. The brain functions so well under the impact of these drugs that those who usually start taking these pills for a short period feel exhilarated by the results. They further get tempted to consume them and eventually fall into its never ending trap.

Decide Whether You Really Need Them

The use of these smart drugs is quite evident in medical conditions like Dyslexia, ADHD/ADD, where children are born with certain incapability or memory loss in aged people. It helps improve their cognitive power, their learning capacity and attention span. But what about those who are physically and mentally fit individuals? In fact the use of smart drugs is more common among those who are blessed with a healthy brain. It is this cut throat competition that compels them to push themselves. There is a constant urge to excel in everything that they do. Many students turn towards these smart drugs when they have not studied throughout the year and then want to cram up things in a short period of time. They do not follow the natural process of learning and find an easy way out by popping down these so called smart pills in order to get good grades.

Over the period of time, they get so used to such pills that they feel hopeless about their natural intelligence levels and become in-confident to do anything on their own. The manufacturers of these smart drugs may claim that they do not have any side effects, but the constant use of these drugs do make individuals psychologically weak, where they almost give up on their natural talents and become slaves to these chemical compounds.