How Football Influences Social Life!


Football is a sport that has a deep impact on society and people. You are a social animal and you cannot live in society alone. You need everyone to live a meaningful life. It is true that at times you may wish to be alone and enjoy your own company however this does not mean that you be in solitude all the time. In fact, no one is happy being alone. The joys of life can be made better by sharing both sorrow and joy. When it comes to a sport that teaches you the above, you will be happy to know that football is one of them!

The game of football is a team game and everyone who plays the game is part of winning and losing. Football fans like Jonathan Bunge in Cleveland Ohio is now spreading the positive message on how football which is a well respected and loved game across the globe plays an important role in structuring social life. There are many reports of footballers doing good to society even after retirement. Jonathan says that football has the ability to make you more balanced, mature and at the same time responsible. It introduces you to teamwork, social bonding and the like. He always encourages parents to start allowing their kids to play football at an early age. The game is not only thrilling and exciting but it keeps ill health at bay. Kids develop good habits from a very young age and this goes a very long way in keeping them healthy and fit.

Jonathan says that if the youth are encouraged to play football young, they are healthy and happy. Society also becomes a positive place to live in. He says that youth football should not only be encouraged in school but at home too. He shares his amazing views on the game on his blog. He is not a football player or a psychologist. However, if you read his posts, you will find that those are easy to read and carry many positive messages. He loves the game intensely and maintains that he is not cut out for writing at all. However, if you look through his posts you will find the language so simple and lucid that everyone can relate to them.

Football teaches you positive skills such as staying united and together. All players have a vital role in the game. They are considered to be united even when the team fails a match. This is the spirit of togetherness and a deep sense of belonging too. Jonathan Bunge is happy that he is an ardent lover of the game. This is why he shares his passion with everyone!

Football is a game that teaches you the importance of social skills. With the aid of these social skills, you are able to merge with the society and also make everyone happy. Jonathan Bunge likes keeping track of his favorite team at Cleveland Ohio where he lives- Cleveland Browns. Besides football, he also writes about his other interests like tattoos and his road travel experiences.