How to Be an Ultimate Team Millionaire – Know the Effective Tips


For some of the MUT players reaching the million dollar coins always seems to be a dream. Most of the players spends lot of money to buy the madden coins. But in the true sense, there are several other ways to get the coins in the Madden Ultimate coins without putting your hands in your savings. Most of the players of Madden Ultimate Team reach the million dollar coins by opting for some of the latest ways like playing the solo challenges, trading the coins and also completing the game sets. Playing the MUT games and getting the coins are the most important and entertaining things the player can do.

It is obvious that these coins are really hard to collect. Reaching to the million mark is not an easy task to accomplish. The coins are very important to complete the game ultimately. The players have to cross various stages in the game to gather some of the coins. Even you can buy madden coins from the online sites. There are various sites that offer coins for the players to play the game; this currency is bought with the real money.

  • Do Not Sell Anything Fast:

Almost each and everything in the Madden game has more value than the fast sell value. Even if you consider the coaches, playbooks and stadiums will give you more value than the 25 coin value. Even you can sell these items for an exchange of 300 coins because they will save as the badge collections. Even some of the new collections of the gold carry high value. The value is larger than the elite values. So it is better to avoid quick sell of the things in the game and be sure that to check the prices on the cards.

  • Do Not Play Just the Ranked Matches:

It is better to play the solo challenges instead of playing the ranked matches. The solo challenges are really easy to accomplish. You can simply put the time of quarter at the lowest possible and then you can move the accelerated clock in the higher level until you can. Most of the ranked matches give to not more than 1600-2000 coins if you are enough lucky and the opponent players do not quit. But in the solo challenges, you have to play the game and win the coins in the faster way. The solo challenges allow the players to cross all the MUT challenges very fast and sometimes you are getting the rewards at the end of the solo challenge.

  • Research the Market:

The players who are playing the MUT are pros. They play the gem in full enthusiasm as they always look for the new cards because if a new player will emerge in the game, the players will sell the older one as the price will drop. So it is better to research and have extensive knowledge of the market. If you love the player who is having the low price, you can sell it to avoid loss.

These are some of the ways you can take help to win the coins. With the huge number of coins available in the online sites, you will be able to cross all the challenges in the game. There are various sites that offer cheap MUT coins for the players.