How to Create an Entertainment Space Outdoors

Entertain Space

To really get the most out of your property, creating an ultimate outdoor experience will bring your family lasting enjoyment and increase your home’s equity. People often lament the fact that they stay in the house too often not making use of their property. The problem usually isn’t that they don’t want to get out more but that their outdoor space is not complete or ideal. Creating an outdoor space may seem daunting- start small focusing on the areas your family enjoys most and build out, the project will go quicker than you would expect.

A Built-In Grilling Area

The first step to a perfect Patio in Scottsdale is to create a built-in station for grilling and cooking your favorite foods. Think of this like an outdoor kitchen. You can start with some weather-proof countertops, building an island and a bar in the center of the patio. Then put in a space for a propane grill and run a line directly to your home so that you can never run out of propane. You’ll use the grill far more often than traditional grills, and people will love sitting around and socializing while you cook.

                                   Entertainment Space Outdoors

Provide Ample Seating

Perhaps the biggest reason people stay inside is that the seating in the house is so much more abundant and comfortable than it is outside. Combat this with outdoor couches and sofas, attractively arranged near the grill or around a fire pit. Put in a long picnic table for eating and drinking, and consider permanent benches–which match your bar and grilling area–that can both provide seating and open up to offer storage.

Add a Television or Projector

You can make your outdoor space the ultimate place to watch the big game or a movie by putting in a small enclosed area with a flat screen television or a projector screen. You will need a sheltered area with doors that can close and keep out the elements, but, when you open those doors up, you’ll really feel like your whole living room just moved outside. You can also buy specific televisions designed for outdoor use.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Don’t let your outdoor space fall into disuse at night. You may not want to use traditional lamps, but you have a ton of great lighting options, and installing lights means people will be more likely to stay out for hours. Consider solar lights that need no other power source, LED string lights that create a festive atmosphere, lanterns that add some old-world charm, or gas lights that can be installed directly into the lawn.