Inexpensive method to prove your directing skill worldwide


In the Festival is one of the encouraging film makers and it creating the one minute video on their phone for to encouraging the people. The main motive of organise this program is to encourage the short film makers. Briefly, in the program is dedicated to discovering and supporting the young directors to providing the opportunity for them based on their smart performance.

Film festival supports the young directors:

In the film function is organised by the United Nations team to focus on the climatic change. In the function is organised eleven years and it promotes the various country people talents. It is the best chance to prove your talent form the film industry and in the program provide the full liberty to create the film for one minute. In the mobile show becomes international and it has a partnership with the united nations and the dot SUB captioning platform so that you may receive the ultimate solution for submitted films. In the film function has been adapting the new creation and it improvises the writing skills through that you may get the best experience in your profession.

In the function help creators from all over the world to submit their films without any constraints. If you win the program you may receive the numerous prizes and awards and the two scholarships are sponsored by the BNP Paribas. In the BNP Paribas is one of the world largest banking network and it sponsoring the 30,000 dollars for the grand prize winner and the 15,000 dollars for the best French film. It is one of the inexpensive and the valuable way of expressing your skills worldwide. Do you know? During the last year, in the film function receives the 750 films to the competition and they received over 2.7 million viewings within three weeks.

Instructions for joining the film festival:

If you have the talent to express the full emotion in your short film in the shortest time which means within one minute then, you are the eligible candidate to apply the show as one of the participants to telecast our short film. If you want to participate in the film festival then this article is helpful for you to identify the norms for applying the function. In the film organisation function allows the participants from all around the world so that region is not the problem to participate in the program. Wherever you may live in the world you are allowed to participate in the function and you are encouraged to create the unique short film on your own or native language. In your short film never exceed the time limit for one minute if you make the short film up to one minute you are disqualified to win the program. In the film show is performed under the unique theme of the one phone, one minute and the one film through that you have to create the story and the vision on climate change.