Natural Treatments for Your Canine Friend’s Health


Dogs are man’s best friend – this is something every one of us has heard. Even though they are just animals, they have the same body functionality. They also require love, care and affection from us. They also tend to suffer from various physical ailments and hence require the best treatments. This is essential for their effective health. Apart from buying and using the various canine medical products, you can employ various home remedies which can be a step towards being precautious for the health of your furry friend.

Here are some simple yet effective home-made remedies for getting rid of the most common problem faced by pets – Fleas:

  • Take out fleas with the power of citrus since fleas don’t like citrus. Use a small amount of fresh orange or lemon juice and rub your pet’s fur with it.
  • If you give a simple dose of brewer’s yeast in combination with a small quantity of garlic in your pet’s daily food would help in repelling fleas from your pets.
  • Fleas are not so difficult to get rid of, especially with water. Dip your furry friend in a tub of water and use a gentle shampoo and rinse your pet very well.
  • If your pet’s skin tends to get dry, then you should better provide it with vitamin E applications such as oil or lotion. And if you canine friend is scratching its skin a lot, then make use of finely grinded baby oatmeal, add a little water to it and rub the paste formed onto the itchy areas.
  • Since your dog would be active throughout the day, chances are there that it can suffer from strain or sprain. If such is the case, then add half cup of espom salt to warm water and make your dog soak in it for five to eight minutes, twice on a daily basis till the sprain goes away.
  • In older animals, digestion tends to be a bit rough. If your pet is suffering from indigestion and is making frequent toilet attempts, then add some canned pumpkin or prunes to their food to help them cope up with indigestion.

A healthy diet is what is required to keep a pet healthy. A natural diet is considered to be an immunity booster. A healthy immunity system is the best way to safeguard against physical diseases. Once your dog starts taking a daily natural diet, you would notice that the problems which were disturbing it earlier would now disappear.

The next thing for the natural treatments of your dog comprise of a system of health care which treats the dog as a whole. The homeopathic treatment would check your pet thoroughly and find the cause of the ill health. At time the behavior of the dog is often taken into consideration while selecting a homeopathic treatment. Even dogs can suffer from arthritis, diabetes, liver disease and so on. Hence, it is very important to opt of the best natural treats for dogs to keep them healthy and active.