Paediatrician- a baby’s everyday need


From the very early stage the new born encounter numerous medical professionals. After the birth these professionals are at service of this toddler. They diagnose illness and ensure overall health besides answering to various questions to their parents. But every child has different body structures with different problems. Thus, seeing only family doctors doesn’t help the parents to be relieved.

What does paediatrician do?

Paediatrician the term verbally clearly describes a physician dealing with growth, developments, and health children from the very birth to adolescence. Some paediatricians do specialization in some particular diseases while others remain focused treating general health and development. General practitioners or the best paediatrician in Thane understanding any problematic situation refer to paediatrician.

They are known to provide medical care to patients, along with young adults. They diagnose and treat illness, injuries along with medical conditions. To provide relief to the kids with chronic conditions is another major cause of concern as well. In fact, they also go on to address the socio eco problems which go on to have an impact on the kids. They have an important role in the overall well-being of a child.

How to decide paediatrician upon family physician?

Parents experience difficult choice making between paediatrician and family physician or general practitioner. As both can meet babies’ health needs. This choice differs with different mentality of parents. General practitioners or family doctors are preferred by some as seeing them child could be with the same doctor their entire life. Again, some prefer paediatrician as they are specialized with baby care. But one has to switch from paediatrician to general practitioner his child reaches teenage years. Thus, both can be one’s choice but the choice should be made wisely upon child’s body response.

Types of paediatricians

Every sector of medicine has different types of paediatricians. They are-

  • Paediatric dentist– paediatric dentist should be visited from the time your child gets his first teeth. In the visit dentist would test the mouth and gather information if any early signs of dental problem are occurring like teeth decay and cavities. X-rays will be done for ensuring the suspected problem. Many children also need braces to treat their teeth. For this a super specialist is needed known as orthodontist.
  • Paediatric optometrist or ophthalmologist– optometry or ophthalmology is the study of eye. The physician treats the problem of children’s eye is known as Paediatric optometrist or ophthalmologist. New born babies have his first eye examination after the delivery. Their eyes and response to light is checked. A complete screening is needed for your child’s eye.
  • Paediatric gynaecologist– paediatric gynaecologist should be consulted by a female teen between the ages of 13 and 15 years. All the upcoming biological changes in the body should be understood by the patient.
  • Child psychologist– mental health is equally important as physical health. Mental health should be taken equally care of. Sometimes any traumatic event imprints a bitter impression in mental condition of children. Then to relax them a child psychologist is visited.
  • Other specialists such as allergist, endocrinologist, dermatologist, etc.

Best paediatrician known in Thane

Child’s diagnosis has become much easier now a day due to various famous paediatricians available worldwide. There are many best paediatricians practicing in Thane’s hospitals, clinics to provide their patients with better and effective experience.