Self-Driving – The Only Way to Experience Australia


The number of foreign tourists visiting Australia has been steadily on the rise for a few years now, as more and more people discover the hidden beauties of this amazing country. The sheer size of Australia can be a bit daunting if you come from a small nation, as here, the locals would think nothing of driving for a few hours to see their neighbours! So, how does one traverse this massive territory? In a motorhome, of course.

A Choice of Vehicles

For those who are unfamiliar with this type of vehicle, a campervan is a smaller version of a motorhome, and even though it resembles an SUV in size, it is a fully equipped vehicle that can accommodate up to 4 people. Masterful design allows for every mod con to be included, and with a fully functional kitchen and a fridge freezer, you and your family can explore at your leisure. The campervan is ideal for the average family, while a motorhome can sleep up to 8 people and is basically a more spacious version of a campervan.

A Choice of Pick Up Points

If you deal with an established rental company, they would have branches in all parts of the country, so if you want to rent a campervan at an airport, simply make an online booking and the vehicle will be fuelled up and waiting for you when you land. Make sure you bring your national driving licence, and as long as it is current and written in English, there is no need for an International Driving Permit (IDP). Comprehensive insurance is available, and with nationwide support, the rental people are only a phone call away if you need some assistance.

Plan your Route

This is the exciting part of the preparation and with the Internet, you can browse to your heart’s content and discover the many attractions Australia has to offer. Some routes can be completed in 5 7 days, while a longer, more ambitious route might include the Northern Territories, the home of the outback. The rental company would be able to assist with route planning, and they might even know of some special venues that are off the tourist track. If you were planning on taking in Hunter Valley, then get a campervan for hire at Sydney Airport as it is only two hours’ drive from there.

Be your Own Boss

The awful thing about tours is the time constraint. You might arrive at a destination and really like the scenery, yet the tour leaves shortly, and you have no transport, which means you are tied to the tour schedule, but having your own motorhome allows you to be in complete control over where you go, and how long you stay. For this reason, most people will make an initial plan, but be very open minded about the schedule, which can be altered at the drop of a hat.

The millions of people who visit Australia annually is a testament to the wonderful attractions the country has to offer the tourist and with your accommodation in your vehicle, the sky is the limit.