Start your day in a healthy way with Jump rope exercises


In today’s world everyone is considered to be a fitness freak. Everyone would love doing some amount of exercise when it comes to keeping fit. However in this hectic schedule, it is difficult to keep up with a regular exercise schedule. What are some of the best ways to keep fit? Whether there are cardio exercises or weight lifting or jumping in order to reduce the tummy- Your way to exercise fitness is the Jump rope exercise that is the best of the lot.

Jump rope is one of the best exercises that resemble skipping exercises. It is also known to be a great weight bearing activity that tones your muscles and keeps them strong. Your legs and your arms would have a perfect shape if you are a regular with Jump rope exercises. The best thing about these exercises is that it can be done anywhere at any time of the day. This is a great way to burn fat as well.

Some advantages of jump rope exercise –

  • You just need a rope and a high ceiling and nothing else
  • It is very convenient to learn the exercise
  • It is affordable and a cheap way to lose weight
  • It is the most simplest form of exercise that can be practiced at home as well
  • It involves a variety of activities along with coordination of the organs as well

Jump rope along with just jumping involves variety of activities that will make exercise fitness fun and happening.


How to begin –

Start with just a few jumps ranging from about 1-10. Slowly increase the counts as you increase your breath. Also make sure that the rope you are using is of perfect length. The best way to find out whether your rope is your size is by standing in the middle of the rope and holding the two ends so that it reaches your arm pits. The rope can also be knotted if it seems to be too long. Relax your hand and legs, take a deep breath and start jumping. Use your wrists so that the rope can be turned over from front to the back. Stay light and do not jump too high. You can also play music in the back ground for refreshment.

Jump rope exercise is the best way to lose weight in a fun filling as well as innovative way. It will help you to overcome the overweight problem. You will see amazing results.

  • Jump above two inches from the floor so that the rope is given space to slip from underneath. Tip toeing would do the trick.
  • Keep your elbows to the side and move your wrists and forearms in a synchronized manner
  • Jump as much as you can but do not over exert yourself so that you are left panting and gasping for air.
  • Gradually increase with time.
  • You are now trained to do the jump rope exercise