Things You Ought to Know About Tahitian Pearl


When it comes to pearls, there is no limit to choice and you can find out some stunning looking pearl sets easily that are not only adorable but turns out to make you look gorgeous in every way. Of the many pearl varieties that you get to see, the Tahitian pearl turns out to be unique and attractive. This pearl type is also most commonly known as black pearl and is known to come from black lip oysters. This pearl variety is mainly known to grow around Tahiti region and hence the name.

Great variety

If you are pearl jewel buff and have already started doing your research around pearl earrings then you would have already started to know about the beauty of this pearl variety with regard to earring collections. Here are few things that you need to know with regard to this pearl variety.

Various colors

Though this pearl is most commonly associated with the color black, it is also known to come up in a wide range of other colors including yellow, pink, blue, silver and green. Despite, the availability of this color, the black pearl variety is known to be the rarest and most popular one of all.

Tahitian Pearl

Stop breaks

No matter what a Tahitian pearls or any other pearls are strung on, it will eventually break. Even thread that is used ages and becomes weaker and eventually might break. You need to have the jewelry restrung from time to time just to help prevent a break and the loss of some of the pearls in the necklace.

Preventing a break is the best way to not have one. If you have what is called the classical, tiered look, all the strands need to be redone at the same time. This will stop string aging, stretching and becoming brittle that happens on the entire necklace. Also doing them separate will make the strands mismatch in length and appearance.

Stunning collections

The black pearl looks best in the form of earrings. The pearl earrings are absolutely adorable and some of the most prominent pearl earring set includes Black 8 to 9 mm AAA quality Tahitian Pearl Earring set, Tamara Earring Set, Black 10-11mm AA Quality Tahitian Pearl Earring Set, Lucky Clover Earring Set, Simplicity Dangle Earring Set, Kiyam Earring Set and much more.

If you get to wear such stunner pearl earring set, you are sure to bring out your best, elegant and stunning personality out. One needs to be aware that there are many pearl jewelry selling websites found available online but only about a handful of them are good enough to spend and buy this precious jewelry. When buying such pearl jewelry, you need to pay attention to the quality aspect and this is crucial for getting the best kind of result. A good quality pearl would help you stand out from the rest.