Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas for Couples


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Instead of focusing on gifts this year, focus on an activity that you and your hubby can do together. Make it romantic but also something that you both enjoy.

Here are a few ideas.

Couple’s Massage

Use Groupon to find a few spas or massage companies in your area. Once you find one, talk to your husband about his schedule to make sure that you can both do it on Valentine’s Day. Arrange for someone to watch the children.

Use the couple’s massage as a way to further your bond. Connect and hold hands as you enjoy your individual massages. You will leave the spa feeling great and relaxed.

Book a Hotel Room

Let your children stay over a trusted adult’s house for the night. Meanwhile, book an extravagant, luxury suite for you and your honey. Enjoy all the perks of the suite, and leave the stress of your everyday life behind. The night is only about you two and your love.

Valentine's Day gifts

Exchange Thoughtful Gifts

Instead of getting standard Valentine’s Day gifts, such as chocolate, flowers, and jewelry, try some unique gifts. Create or buy gifts specifically geared towards your other half or your relationship.

Some examples: A memories scrapbook, a book of poems you wrote about your lover,  a sexy basket full of romancing items, and a dazzling homemade card.

Recreate Your First Valentine’s Day Together

Depending on the longevity of your relationship, you can use the night as a trip down memory lane. You can recreate your first Valentine’s Day together. To add a few extra touches, you can recreate the day but elevate it a bit. For example, maybe you ate pasta at a restaurant, and then walked in the park.

For the recreation, make your spouse the best pasta dish you can make. Then take them on a walk in the park, but fill it with a few surprises, like a picnic basket full of delicious desserts.

Take A Trip to Another Country

Instead of actually hopping on a plane, use the day to try out another culture’s cuisine. Visit a cultural museum or center. Enjoy a foreign film at a local independent theater. Just pick the place that you both want to travel to one day, and create it for them now.

If all else fails, send the kids to a relative’s house, and enjoy a dinner and a movie at home.