Why Industrial Humidifiers are Life-Savers


With science blooming like the most cared-for flower in the word, and scientists taking on new challenges every day, it is no surprise that modern industrial technology has become very advanced. And since education and awareness also raced with science, companies in the modern day want to provide a safe and secure work environment as well as a fast production line. This was a problem until industrial humidifiers stepped in.Industrial humidifiers humidify a relatively large place for reasons you’ll know as you read on.

Industrial humidifiers, the term explaining itself, are used to maintain humidity levels of a certain place within recommended bounds. In some industries like printing, packaging, textiles, and pharmaceuticals, if two objects rub together, which in all possibilities do, a static charge builds up. This charge needs a path to flow through, so the charged objects can discharge. If a worker comes in contact with the charged objects, electrocution will take place, and death may follow.

But how is humidity related to this problem? Statistically, when humidity is above 55% RH (Relative Humidity) static build-ups will never occur. When humidity is between 45% and 55% RH, chances of static build-ups shrink. When humidity is below 45% RH, a high risk of static build-ups prevails. What industrial humidifiers do is that they maintain the humidity of a place where chances of static build-ups do not exist.

But the question is, that why do we need industrial humidifiers? And are they worth the money? The following answers may seem simple but as you contemplate over them you’ll realize the sheer need of industrial humidifiers. Modern industries have become unbelievably intelligent, multi-tasking at levels that a human being can never meet without experiencing ugly effects. It is in this complexity of modern industry, that a lot of heat is generated as the result of industrial processes. As the amount of heat increases, a place asks for better management of its humidity levels. Furthermore, factories are at sundry timesexposed to the external environment. As the external meets with the internal air, considering what might be the humidity of the external air, one can predict its effect on the humidity levels of the internal air.

Psychologically, the most productive workplace is a safe and secure workplace. Where workers fear for their lives, it is obvious that they won’t be able to carry out work at their full potential. This in turn can affect a company’s performance.  If a loss of life occurs at a workplace, the news becomes harmful to that company’s reputation. Moreover, the company’s authoritative members might fall into legal proceedings, which may result in punishments and are costly. Prevention is better than cure; think wisely, use industrial humidifiers.